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Making: THE GREAT BRITISH HEIST - 3D Movie - Vlog 4

It's been a little while since the last Vlog update, but that doesn't mean we've stalled. Far from it. So much has been going on, my head has been spinning around like a possessed female child.... Just to be clear, I'm neither a child, nor a female, but I digress!

In fact, why read what we've been up to, when you can watch!

Give the Vlog Part 4 video a watch and please SUBSCRIBE to the LST Studios YouTube channel to keep up to date.

PLUS, as an extra incentive, this year we're making TV Shows and Documentaries that'll be uploaded to the channel. But we really need to get the channel to 1000 subscribers to be able to monetize it, which would really help! Thank you very much.

The Vlog Updates below are in:

  • 2D

  • Anaglyph 3D

  • SBS 3D (for 3DTV's)

Thank you all for your support - without it we wouldn't be able to continue making 3D projects.

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