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COMIC PHONIC - Where Vintage Comics Come to Life!

A BRAND NEW SERIES starts Monday 1st July - watch for FREE here and please do help us by subscribing to our YouTube channel, thank you:

Series one has 10 thrilling episodes for you to enjoy. New episodes released every other week.

Did you enjoy reading 3D comics with your red/cyan cardboard glasses?

Well, good, you're in luck!

Some episodes are in 3D and is just a good bit of 3D fun! Episode 2 will be in 3D.

So, what is COMIC PHONIC exactly?

Comic Phonic is a series of short exciting stories from vintage comic books that are in the public domain.

With some motion video editing, a cast of talented Voice Actors and immersive sound effects, we wanted to create something that was fun to make and most importantly be fun for you all to watch / listen to.

Put on your headphones and enjoy these classic eerie, twisted and exciting stories!

EPISODE 1 - THE DANCER OF DEATH! Vanya had two loves, the ballet and love itself. But she was only faithful to the ballet. A tale of Ghostly revenge!

Voice Artists:


Richard Harding

Madeline McQueen

Sophia Harding

Kane Cantell

David Brook

Cordelia Harding

Jack Sewell

Phil West

Sound, Edited & Produced by:

Phil West

LST Studios

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