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Making: THE GREAT BRITISH HEIST - 3D Movie - Vlog 3

I thought I'd take a back seat on this video update and let the cast Richard, Kane, David, Denise and Cordelia introduce themselves.

The Vlogs in:


Anaglyph 3D and

SBS 3D (for 3DTV's) are at the bottom.

We shot on Saturday 16th September and it was another busy, full-on day.

We shot 14 pages of the script in about 6 hours, which is great guns and is looking pretty darn good, if I may be so bold.

But again it was HOT, not as hot as last time, but still..... Phew.

Thanks so much to Rob Tompsett for taking the BTS stills and for filming this 3D video update, plus the other crew duties he took on that day!

Also thanks again to Katie Page MUA for her incredible special make-up FX work.

2D behind-the-scenes stills.

If you like these updates, please do share them as this helps us enormously so we can keep making more 3D movies.

Thank you very much and we'll be back soon with another one.

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