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Making: THE GREAT BRITISH HEIST - 3D Movie - Vlog 2

Wednesday 6th September - was our first shoot day. It was also unbelievably the hottest day of the year, so far!

For a long while I've wanted to make a Heist/hostage film which has some long-ish takes.

Along the lines of The Anderson Tapes starring Sean Connery, or, Dog Day Afternoon starring Al Pacino, and even, Reservoir Dogs...

First of all I must apologize for the shortness of this video update.

The first day of filming is usually pretty intense, generally making sure everything you've planned for, for weeks, actually works!

Filming in long takes and filming in 'the round' comes with it's own set of challenges to overcome...

They're challenges, but they're fun to do. It keeps me experimenting and challenging myself - that I hope is always entertaining and fun to watch.

So, my main focus was on the film itself - I did pick up the BTS camera a couple of times - but this video update got a little, well, forgotten about. Sorry.

I do however go over what we shot, including an almost record number of pages filmed...

Rehearsals with: Richard Harding, David Brook, Kane Cantell, Denise Wilton & Cordelia Harding.

Go take a look - choose your viewing poison from the choice below:

  1. 2D

  2. Anaglyph 3D

  3. Side By Side 3D for 3D TV's

As always - Please subscribe to the LST STUDIOS YouTube Channel and click the "notifications bell" to get the updates.

Please share with anyone you think would enjoy this 3D movie. This really helps us, so that we can keep making 3D movies. Thank you.

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1 Comment

Words and Pictures
Words and Pictures
Sep 08, 2023

You're only supposed to blow the 3D...oors off...

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