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Making: THE GREAT BRITISH HEIST - 3D Movie - Vlog 1

I thought it might be fun if I shared with you the making of our next 3D movie called THE GREAT BRITISH HEIST - in a 3D vlog!

We'll make these 3D Vlogs on our shooting days, hopefully giving you a fun insight into how we're making this 3D heist movie.

A heist / hostage 3D movie that is shot in long takes to make you feel the added pressure of being trapped in the building with the hostages and the volatile robbers.

The 3D aspect should heighten that experience through the layers and the depth of the 3D to give you, the viewer, a more immersive experience.

In the first Vlog - I was at the location with George David, who was brilliant helping to set up and test the 3D camera rig with the 6 audio tracks being recorded at once.

We opted for a stable, smooth, shoulder-rig instead of a steadicam or gimbal to give the scenes more of a natural energy.

So here it is, the first installment. You can watch in 2D, Anaglyph or SBS for your 3DTV.

Please subscribe to the LST STUDIOS YouTube channel and click the "notifications bell" to get the updates. Please share with anyone you think would enjoy this 3D movie. This really helps us, so that we can keep making 3D movies. Thank you.

Thank you and enjoy!

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