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Breaking New Ground... Pop-Up 3D Cinema!

We had our CAST & CREW screening the other night at our very first Pop-Up 3D Cinema... and it was a big success!

Why are we 'breaking new ground' as the header of this blog suggests?

Well, after quite a bit of research, I can't seem to find anyone, in the UK or US, who's put together a Pop-Up 3D Cinema, with the 3D projector, the Active Shutter 3D glasses and all the rest of the equipment.

I had to figure it out mostly by myself and ask people in various 3D groups for their thoughts and opinions.

I was a tad nervous at the Cast & Crew screening, not just because I'm showing the film to someone other than myself for the very first time and hope they'd enjoy it... But I was worried some of the 3D glasses might not work or sync correctly with the 3D projector, or any other possibilities where something could go wrong!

Well it went without a hitch and we're opening up the Pop-Up 3D Cinema to the public for our screenings around the local Peninsula of HALLOWEEN JACK 3D.

Please come and join us for this unique experience - I can assure you, you're going to have a fun time watching our movie.

Fun is the key element with all the usual 3D pop outs, bloody gore effects, and so much more. You'll come away with a smile on your face....

..... Or Jack won't be happy with you!


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