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The Great British Heist 3D

1h 1min   |   English   |  Phil West

3 criminals, on the run after escaping the police during a bank heist, escape to the country and take refuge in a youth club, taking a local woman and her daughter hostage...  With the police surrounding them and an escape plan needed, the criminals must face the fear of the law outside - and wonder if inside the club, their hostage is all she seems to be.


3D BluRay Set!

What is included:
* Blu-ray set with 3D images on the blu-ray sleeve (use the 3D glasses INCLUDED)!
* Frame-Packed 3D bluray version - also plays 2D.
* 3D Anaglyph version.
* Director Commentary.
* Lobby Cards Set - in 3D (use the included 3D glasses).
* A pair of 3D glasses.
* Iron-On Embroidered Patches (BOTH PATCHES INCLUDED WITH THE FIRST 50 SOLD) - every copy after that will include the text logo patch!
** If sales do well I may increase the quantity levels...
* "Anatomy of a Long Take" 3D featurette on how we prepped and shot the long takes in the film.

The Great British Heist 3D movie trailer 2D - PRE-ORDER 29th March!
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