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The Power of Gratitude: Recognising and Appreciating Support in 2023

Can't believe in a couple of weeks it'll be a year since I gave the 3D film producing thing a proper go, setting up LST Studios.

This year we've made two 3D features and released two other films.

Some of the cast and crew of The Great British Heist in 3D
Some of the incredible cast and crew of The Great British Heist, in 3D!

It's been a ton of work and sacrifices but I'm so thankful and grateful to everyone who's helped and been involved.

Not just to all the brilliant cast and crew (who've been so much fun and supportive to work with), but also folks who are not directly involved too, like the Allhallows Parish Council. They've been incredible. It would be so much harder making these films without their help and support.

That especially goes for folks who buy the 3D Blu-rays, watch our movies on streaming services or buy tickets to our Pop-up 3D Cinema screenings. Thank you!

If you stop, we stop. I really appreciate your support and hopefully we'll keep continuing to entertain you.

So, roll on next year and let's see what happens...

  • 6th January we jump straight into our next 3D movie Fractured Island 3D with shooting finishing at the end of Jan...

  • The Great British Heist 3D to be released Feb/March, which I'm really excited about too!

  • Then we roll onto more movies that I can't wait to share with you...

Thank you and wishing you all a very happy holiday time, good health and happiness for 2024!

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