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Babe Camp 3D Trailer - PRE-ORDER the 3D Blu NOW!

Here it is folks, the trailer to my 2nd 3D movie - Babe Camp 3D. Written and Directed by myself and Executive Produced by Henrique Couto.

Trailer 2D version:

Trailer 3D Anaglyph:

Trailer 3D SBS Half:

You can Pre-Order the 3D Bluray now from:

I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone who has bought a 3D Blu of my previous film Halloween Jack 3D.

Your support has helped me to re-invest to always try and deliver a higher quality fun movie.

I've upgraded the 3D camera from the Sony TD10, to the Panasonic Z10000.

I've bought more lights, a dolly & track, a crane for sweeping camera moves, new audio equipment...

I'm really proud of Babe Camp, it's a fun ride and very funny, if I do say so myself!

The 3D Bluray set of Babe Camp 3D includes:

What is included: * Single-Disc blu-ray set with 3D images on the blu-ray sleeve and disc (use the 3D glasses INCLUDED)! * 3D/2D bluray version. * 3D Anaglyph version. * Director Commentary on how we managed to make a fun 3D comedy movie. * Lobby Cards Set - in 3D (use the included 3D glasses). * A pair of 3D glasses. * Screen Used NOOD CAMP Coaster - limited quantity!

We got through quite a few Nood Camp coasters which I thought would be fun to include in the bluray set to rest your favourite tipple on!

I hope you find Babe Camp a lot of fun - it is quite rude humour, so if you enjoy films like - Dumb & Dumber, There's Something About Mary, The Inbetweeners, EuroTrip.... Then you should find this a hoot!

Thanks again and speak soon,

Phil West

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